British Open Championship Golf (1997) is a golf computer game for the PC by Looking Glass Technologies.

British Open Championship Golf

British Open Championship Golf

It was released on April 30, 1997. In the game, a single player is able to play one of several different ways of playing golf, including stroke play, best ball, and a full British Open tournament where players competed against real professional golfers of the time at Royal Troon and St. Andrews. The game was known and praised for its realistic depiction of the courses, realistic golf ball physics, and the overall golf tournament environment, most notably the presence of crowds and announcer commentary from Michael Bradshaw and Jim McKay.


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16 Responses to “BOC Golf”

  1. british open championship golf Says:

    where can i get the patch for BOCG. it allows for animation of crowds, etc.

  2. Fun fact: the color commentary module from BOCG formed the basis for the guards’ voice barks in Thief. If you think about it, it’s basically the same problem.

  3. John Mueller Says:

    I have the patch. It used to be available on gaming websites. Just got the game to run “again” on Windows Vista. I am thrilled. I am sure I can send you the patch, but as always, I am having a bit of a struggle downloading the patch to the game. I know it can be done.

  4. John Mueller Says:

    When I get the chance, I’ll try. I have the patch on a CD. I noticed this site …

  5. John Mueller Says:

    Dialog from the game’s creator …


    Hope the patch worked. I play in real life too but my skills have atrophied badly from my days as “The Master”…….


    On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 5:53 PM, John Mueller wrote:

    “Rex … I got my 2 disk BOCG working on Vista again .. with sound. Greatest day. Now I have to find a way to install the “patch” animated gallery. The best golf game on any format!

    John Mueller”

  6. John Mueller Says:

    I will try Mediafire … I need help getting the patch off the CD disk to work. I have run the game with patch before. It’s not that important but nice. The crowd animation for one.

  7. John Mueller Says:

    I guess my free trial at Media Fire expired. I will have to find another site to post the patch or shoot me an email.

  8. John Mueller Says:

    I have the patch on IDrive. I will need email address to send. When you first open the invite, you may get a home screen. Backout and try again. Should take you directly to the files. Remember, I need help to install the patch, so don’t leave me behind.

  9. John Mueller Says:

    I cannot find the file bocg_upd.exe

    You have downloaded the latest patch for British Open Championship
    Golf. This patch adds the following improvements to BOCG:

    – Enables the animated crowds
    – Sets up BOCG for the Virtual Open
    – Improves over all physics
    – Improves announcers artificial intelligence
    – Fixes rendering bugs in the view cone
    – Improves appearance and texture of the greens

    To install the patch, you need to expand the bocg_upd.exe file in the
    BOCG directory on your hard drive. This will expand a file called “Go”
    or “Go.bat”, depending on how your system is configured. Double click
    on the “Go” batch file and this will install the patch to the BOCG.exe

  10. Delray Says:

    I love this game. Had the single cd. Lost it. Use to play it with my grandsons. Had a great time. Any way I could get a copy of you’re 2 cds. Downloading the zip from C-dos abandonware. But already know that there’s no commentary. Will miss Jim putting me down after my bad shots.

  11. John Mueller Says:

    I have posted the patch on Look for “British open championship golf question” in the forum area. The patch is contained in my Google Drive folder. Nobody has confirmed that they were able to access yet. I just purchased my 3rd set of the 2 CD release, this time without box. Extreemly rare so I picked it up when I stumbled onto it on EBay. Will probably list a boxed set for sale soon. Still unable to install patch correctly.

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