Flight Unlimited II (1997) is the second game of the Flight Unlimited series of general aviation flight simulators created by Looking Glass Studios, acclaimed for their sophisticated physics and pioneering gameplay features.

Flight Unlimited II

Flight Unlimited II

It was released in 1997. The game was preceded by Flight Unlimited and followed by Flight Unlimited III. A fourth, combat oriented game based on the ZOAR engine used in the third and second games, called Flight Combat: Thunder Over Europe, was in development when Looking Glass folded.

Unlike the first game, which was released in versions for Windows and DOS, it was developed for Windows 95 only. The simulation eschews the original game’s focus on aerobatics, in favour of creating an immersive civilian flight environment. This is achieved by the photo-realistic 3D mesh terrain, real-time air traffic control communications and large depth of non-player-controlled air traffic, features unrivalled at the time of release. A series of flight lessons covers basic flight manoeuvres. Support for IFR flying and approach vectoring is included. Flight challenges provide “missions”..

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