Flight Unlimited III (1999) was the third and last of the Flight Unlimited series of General aviation flight simulators created by Looking Glass Studios, released in 1999. It included ten user-flyable aircraft in total, and several new features.

Flight Unlimited III

Flight Unlimited III

Some of the Flight Unlimited community still exists, with some websites remaining, and third-party updates are still being produced. In many ways, with recent updates, this simulator offers a vastly improved experience compared to the originally-released product.

One of the most significant new features was the new weather engine. Before a flight the user could generate and manipulate weather fronts, which would then change dynamically while flying. he simulator also came with a program called the Flight Unlimited Editor (FLED), which allowed the user to edit the simulator’s scenery. This is still one of this simulator’s great strengths – it has a free, built-in scenery editor. Anybody can create their own airport, scenery package or just place a few model objects wherever they want. If saved as a scenery ‘package’, users can upload to the internet (via Avsim.com or similar) and other users can share in the experience. One user (Chris Low from the UK) has created huge super-sets of packages covering entire regions. These substantially improve the flying experience. There are also currently hundreds of extra models available for users to experiment with. Some features were also removed, such as the FBO airport interface used in previous versions, which was replaced by a standard menu.

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2 Responses to “Flight Unlimited III”

  1. Eric Says:

    Is there any way I can run my flight unlimited III made for windows 94 95 on my windowsa 7?

  2. Vanderlan Gomes Says:

    Goog day,
    I have this excelent game but I have a problem. I lost the serial number for install and now I have the 3 CDs but I can’t install. If You have my last install, you can confirm this.
    Please help me.
    Thank you a lot.

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