Thief Gold is the 1999 expanded re-release of Thief: The Dark Project, which was common for Eidos Interactive-published games at the time (for example Tomb Raider Gold, Tomb Raider 2 Gold, etc).

 Thief The Dark Project Gold

Thief The Dark Project Gold

Thief Gold features numerous bug fixes and enhancements on the original game with many missions having their guard placements and patterns changed, areas retextured, and some missions gaining whole new areas. It also adds three new missions, fulfilling the original intent of the designers to have one mission per talisman.

* “Thieves’ Guild” features Garrett raiding the Downwind Thieves Guild’s sewer hideout. This group was previously only read about in The Dark Project.
* “The Mage Towers” introduces a reclusive magicians sect known as The Hand Brotherhood to the game.
* “Song of the Caverns” has Garrett searching some underground caverns and the opera house built atop them.

The package also contains Windows Thief themes, the DromEd Thief level editor and a special “blooper reel” mission, as well as a “making of Thief II” video.

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