Thief II: The Metal Age (2000) is a stealth-based game for PC, sequel to Thief: The Dark Project, and followed by Thief: Deadly Shadows.

Thief II: The Metal Age

Thief II: The Metal Age

Utilizing the same Dark engine that powered the original Thief, Thief II has an almost identical look and feel, with only minor graphical and programming improvements. The basic gameplay is also fundamentally similar to the original Thief, with a few new elements, including technological gadgets such as a remote eye camera and more intelligent level designs. Other changes include an increase in the number of AI behaviors, and the addition of female guards and soldiers. A new arrow type, the Vine arrow, which can stick onto metal grates in addition to wooden surface, was added to replace rope arrows in a few missions. New potions were also added.

Responding to criticism of the original Thief, the missions in Thief II were designed much more around typical thief-like behavior, and much of the game is spent robbing the rich denizens of the City rather than raiding tombs and running from monsters, which was a common element in the first game. In fact, the player encounters almost none of the monsters from the original Thief, except for burrick heads mounted as trophies in some of the mansions, and a few zombies, apemen and Hammer haunts. The designers stated that unlike the original game, whose levels were developed to suit the plot, in Thief II the levels were designed first and the plot retrofitted to work with them. In general, the levels are much larger and less linear than those of its predecessor.

Just as Thief: The Dark Project was re-released with additional missions as Thief Gold, a re-release of Thief II, Thief II Gold, was in development when Looking Glass Studios folded. Additional missions that were considered for Thief II Gold included a mission that takes place in the stronghold of a sect of necromancers, a mission that brings Garrett to a war between the criminals of the City and the City Watch in a gritty slum called Willard Square, a mission that forces Garrett to blend in with the City’s aristocracy at a costume party, another set within a university, and a mission involving a group of fallen Hammerites. It was proposed that Garrett could obtain a dagger, possibly poisoned, in Thief II Gold. A group of fans, Thief II Gold Fan Mission Project, is attempting to complete the work begun on Thief II Gold. The goal of the project is to make four additional missions that are as close as possible to what the developers had envisioned. This has been made possible by the release of the journal of Emil Pagliarulo, a designer of Thief II, and other materials from Looking Glass to the public.

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