Thief: The Dark Project (1998), or simply Thief, is a stealth-based first-person computer game and the first game in the Thief series.

Thief The Dark Project

Thief The Dark Project

The game was developed by Looking Glass Studios and published by Eidos Interactive in 1998 for Windows. Set in a medieval steampunk fantasy world, Thief casts the player as a professional thief named Garrett. Unlike most first-person games at the time, the development goal of Thief was to create a “first-person sneaker”, where gameplay is based on the concept of avoiding combat.

Thief was well received critically, and was one of Looking Glass Studios’ most commercially successful projects. The game was highly influential in the development of later stealth games, and has often been hailed as one of the greatest games of all time.

The essence of playing Thief is sneaking around somewhere unfamiliar that you are not allowed to be and doing so largely unnoticed. By design Garrett is not a particularly effective combatant; the game manual advising players to remember “You are not a tank”, and playing to Garrett’s strengths is important for success. As such the gameplay experience is often one of moving quietly from shadow to shadow, avoiding opponents or knocking them out while on the hunt for loot.

Thief: The Dark Project was very well received by critics on its release and remains one of the more highly praised and respected PC games. Thief garnered consistently high scores and numerous outright raves with reviewers calling it addictive, unique and, when compared to its first-person-shooter peers, revolutionary.

The game was also praised for its potent immersive qualities, with some reviewers calling it a look at the future of gaming and virtual reality. The most prominent factor in this immersion and the most lauded aspect of the game generally is its audio system. Critics consistently noted the game using sound to an unprecedented degree as a gameplay element. The fidelity and artistry in this department allowing players to accurately determine their own audibility and the location of enemies as well as being a major contributor to the game’s atmosphere.

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